brass worm wheel



Material: Brass
Color: Yellow
Brand name: CNBTR
Modulus: 0.5
Weight: 16g

Size of worm wheel:
Teeth Dia :11.2mm
Height: 12mm/0.47inch
Outer Diameter: 11mm/0.43inch
Hole Diameter: 4mm/0.16inch
Step Size: 9x7mm/0.35×0.27inch ( Dia x H)
Overall Size: 12x11x4mm/0.47×0.39×0.12inch( H x OD x ID)

Size of worm gear shaft:
Height: 20mm/0.79inch
Outer Diameter :9.8mm/0.39inch
Inner Diameter :3.17mm/0.12inch
Size: 20×9.8×3.17mm/0.79×0.39×0.12inch( H x OD x ID)

1.Include one 0.5 modulus brass worm gear shaft and one 20 teeth brass worm gear wheel.
2.The transmission structure of worm shaft is simple, compact, small volume and light weight.
3.Worm Shaft Z1=1, turn a round of worm gear teeth, can get a large transmission ratio, generally in the power transmission, the transmission ratio I=10-80, like big transmission ratio, if use with gear transmission, will need to take the multi-stage transmission.
4.High quality material selection, carefully processing create high quality product.
5.Made of brass, long time service.