Merchandise Description

Quantity (L) Dimension (D*H)mm Overall Top (mm) Inlet/outlet (mm) Motor energy (kw) mixing velocity (r/min)
five hundred 840X1000 2750 38 .fifty five Common rotation pace 35,forty three,60.
Stepless pace reducer or dual speed reducer is also offered. 
600 920×1000 2850 38 .fifty five
700 990×1000 2850 38 .fifty five
800 950×1220 3000 38 .fifty five
900 1571×1220 3000 38 .55
one thousand 1060×1220 3150 fifty one .seventy five
1500 1160×1500 3350 51 .seventy five
2000 1340×1500 3410 fifty one one.1
3000 1410×2000 4000 fifty one 1.5
4000 1620×2000 4250 fifty one one.five
5000 1810×2000 4300 51 two.2
6000 1980×2000 4550 fifty one two.two
7000 1930×2440 5000 fifty one two.two
8000 2060×2440 5000 fifty one three
9000 2180×2440 5050 51 three
10000 2300×2440 5050 51 three
12000 2270×3000 5600 51 4
15000 2530×3000 5700 51 4
20000 2640×3600 6400 fifty one 5.five

The series of products have the capabilities of heating, cooling, warmth preservation and mixing preparation. The vessel carries out design and processing in accordance to “Complex issue for steel produced strain vessel”.

The requirements for assortment are .05m3~5.0m3 distinct volumes. It can also carry out the style and processing in accordance to the genuine techCZPT requirements of clients.
Adopt interlayer composition, with the positive aspects such as huge heating area and modest welding and many others.
The shaft seal adopts sCZPT amount challenging alloy and silicon carbide 204 balancing mechanical seal, which is anti-abrasion and anti-push. The rotation pace is sixty~82 r/m, and the velocity can also be regulated by frequency converter.
The interface adopts internationally general-use common ISO standard speedy installation chuck sort, and the materials is imported 316L or 304. The mirror sprucing of inside floor Ra≤0.28μm,and the exterior floor adopts semi-luster sharpening therapy.
The liquid meters for assortment are glass tube liquid meter, static stress sensor kind liquid meter and supersonic wave liquid meter.
The composition kinds are divided into upward and downward round sCZPT head or downward reverse convex base upward round sCZPT head composition, which can assure no residual of liquid medication.
The jacket structure kinds for assortment are divided into regular jacket external coiled tube jacket, and honeycombed jacket. The construction is the combination of upward and downward round sCZPT head and normal layer jacket. It has large jacket room and large heating region, which can lessen the welding seam. The internal bladder is neat, which can promise that the substance will not be hung on the wall. It has benefits this kind of as lovely appearance, simple framework and durability. The disadvantage is that it is as well substantial. Additionally, if modifying the reducer as horizontal worm equipment reducer, the height can be decreased for about 250~330mm.



Worm gears are correct angle drives that provide big gear ratios with comparatively limited center-to-centre distances from 1/4″ to eleven”. When effectively put in and lubricated, they serve as the quietest, smoothest-running gear type. Since worm gear drives can accomplish large gear ratios, highest reduction can be accomplished in a scaled-down place than numerous other varieties of equipment drives. The worm and worm gear operate at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.

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