Merchandise Description

Common Self-Automatic Horizontal Thread and Screw Rod Miller
SMB6110     SMZ6212     SM6125

Overall performance and Function
1. According to the chopping theory, thread milling devices are divided into two kinds: kind-reducing and comb-slicing.
two. Workpieces can be created by shaped milling cutters, that is named kind-chopping. In this way, worms, lead screws, rotors of industrial pumps and compressors can be created by deciding on different cutters.
Comb-cutting indicates all varieties of small pitch threads are machined by comb milling cutters. By employing this cutting approach, SMK6220, SMB6110 and SMB6120 can cut inner or exterior threads, and these machines are mentioned for their large effectiveness, higher precision.
3. The SMK6130 CNC thread milling device can minimize all varieties of threads by programming and changing cutters with both sort-chopping and comb-slicing.
4. Screw rod milling equipment are divided into two varieties, such as semi-automated screw rod milling equipment and CNC screw rod milling devices, which are utilized for machining rotors of extruders, injection moulding equipment, industrial pumps and petroleum system etc.
five. Semi-automated screw rod milling device can lower various rotors with changeable or constand bottom diameters, one or multi-start off in substantial speed slicing by utilizing a radial milling head or a hobbing head. By adopting creating chopping, it is also employed for machining long spline shafts with straight flutes, straight gears and equipment shafts and so forth.
6. If the semi-automatic screw rod milling device is transformed with a corresponding milling head and other accessoriees, it can manufacture worms, lead screw petroleum boring bars and industrial pump screw rods and so forth.
7. The CNC screw rod milling equipment which can immediately minimize special screw rods with changeable base diameters and pitches, tapered screw rods in accordance to the program by employing a variety of cylindrical milling cutters.
Specialized Parameter

Specifications SM6125 SMB6110 SMB6120
Names of  the equipment Thread milling machine Semi-computerized
screw rod milling machine
screw rod milling machine
Max.diameter to be machined 250mm (Inter)120mm (Exter)a hundred (Inter)200mm
  (Exter)   150mm
Max.duration to be machined 1350mm (Inter)50mm
  (Exter)  80mm
  (Exter)  50mm
Rotational velocity of  milling head forty~250rpm (9 grade) seventy five~600rpm(ten quality) 210~2320rpm
Selection of lead (pitch) to be machined 1~500mm .seventy five~6mm ~3mm
All round proportions (LxWxH) 3185x1394x1230mm 2910x1163x1290mm 2397x1123x1260mm
Net excess weight (Appr.)7000kg (Appr.)5500kg (Appr.)5000kg
Workpieces to be machined (thread),(screw rod)(worm) thread thread

The worm gear is made up of a worm and a worm wheel. It is the simultaneous peak offset of vertical electricity transfer. Normally, the travel aspect is a worm. In order to merge the wheel/worm into a worm equipment, it is essential to guarantee that the heart length is equivalent and the transmission ratio is equivalent. Heart distances are obtainable from stock in tiny steps among 17mm and 80mm. Each heart distance has a number of equipment ratios. The intense strain worm gear is suitable for the production of worm equipment drives with a shaft angle of 90°. Making use of a worm drive, really big reduction ratios (up to a hundred:1) can be attained.

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