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Rotary tablet equipment have ZP-5, ZP-7, ZP-9 and other types, in line with GMP requirements, tableting chamber entirely independent transmission system, and substance contact elements are produced of stainless metal or specific area treatment, non-toxic corrosion-resistant, compression chamber with a transparent plexiglass shut to avert contamination. The total surface area is sleek, simple to manage. Perform rotary tableting was compressed into tablets (the pressure inside of the unit variety), and the quantity of powder containing (100 mesh or a lot more) of not more than 10% suppression of granular components, suited for pressing round tablets of 4 to 12 mm . Little rotary pill device is based on the generation of automatic rotation continuous tablet tablet push device miniaturization, it is largely employed to examine the procedure of the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, electronics and other industrial sectors, to verify whether or not the pressing granular uncooked components into important tablet device.
Tableting systems:
If the drug tablets have the subsequent properties:
1, with a particular diploma of mobility
2, has a specified viscosity
three, do not paste the punch and die ring (powder dry)
4, the case body fluids rapid disintegration, dissolution, absorption and efficacy have generated superb tablets can be geared up.
Pill press machine principle and structure
one turret structure: the turntable is the primary piece of the device to execute the perform. Higher and reduced bearing assemblies, spindle, turntable and other major elements of composition. Evenly distributed close to the turntable on the pair dies, among the turntable and the spindle torque transmitted from the flat essential. Spindle supported on bearings, spline related by a worm gear drive, rotating spindle, rotating the turntable operate.
2, observe mechanism: monitor has a concave cylindrical cam and flat wheel and lower rails consisting of a best and base punch monitor rod motion. Rushed from the rails on the monitor, on the red downward keep track of, on a parallel monitor rushed, rushed down on parallel tracks and other rail stress block orbitals. They are secured to the upper rail plate. Beneath track rail line by the rushed, rushed down the rail line and filling volatile factors. They are mounted on the reduced rail seat.
three, filling adjustment signifies: filling adjustment for adjusting the fat of the tablet. Filling the adjustment mechanism within the main body of the equipment, a airplane on the body can be observed crescents filling rail, which is composed of the action of the helical lifted or reduced to management the filling volume, when the disc is rotated adjustment, minimizing the volume of filling clockwise, and vice versa in addition Big.
4, sheet thickness (stress) regulator: down beneath the stress wheel by modifying slice thickness adjustment (force). Underneath stress wheel mounted on the tank body, it sets the eccentric shaft is linked to the outer stop of the hand wheel, when the external hand wheel adjustment, eccentric shaft pushed compression wheel up or down, the flap thickness (strain), therefore manage pill thickness and hardness. Stress on the wheel up and down adjustment can also be utilised as adjusting indicates, but in basic is not adjusted.
5, transmission: transmission gearbox is portion of the machine consists of motor, timing belt pulleys and worm gears, wheels and other parts examination driver. Motor mounted on the bottom plate of the motor foundation, right after the motor starts off, by a pair of timing belt to transfer energy to the worm gear reducer world wide web. Motor velocity is adjusted by the variable velocity AC frequency. Open sides or back doorway, can be immediately noticed and make contact with with these parts.

Model ZP-five ZP-seven ZP-nine
module five seven 9
Max. tablet dia. twelve(10MM) twelve(10MM) 12(10MM)
Max.stress 40 40 40
Max. filling depth 15 fifteen fifteen
Max. tablet thickness 6 six 6
Disc velocity(r/min) 30 30 thirty
Capcity (pc/hr) 9000 12500 16000
Motor electrical power(KW) one.five one.five one.five
Dimension (mm) 450*460*950 450*460*950 450*460*950
Voltage 220/380 220/380 220/380
Fat a hundred and eighty a hundred and eighty 180

The advised supplies for the worm are hardened steel and bronze for the worm gear. Even so, dependent on the software, unhardened steel worms can operate sufficiently and a lot more economically on cast iron worm gears rated at 50%. In addition to metal and hardened steel, worms are available in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and nylon worm gears are offered in metal, hardened metal, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, and non-metallic (phenolic).

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