Item Description


Standard Functions

Quality: Due to high requirements for mechanical good quality, raw materials variety, processing, assembly of industrial manage more than the business common, using the new layout, good quality management technique, complete tracking to every single element, shipping to the client in the two hardware and software program are a substantial high quality tools.
Efficiency: Patent sort feeding width automatic adjustment gadget and printing locking unit with screw. With 4. engineering style of industrialization, both components and software program are charged with the author’s high effectiveness tools.
Service: Based mostly on the industry’s 1st use of PDM design file management technique, full specialized support data files, no matter of the extended time can even now be credible motivation to clients, continuous and effective following-service for the client assist. 24 several hours provider with 12 engineers .


Feeder Unit

Direct-edge Feeding System

  • Lead-edge suction feeding system, easy procedure, substantial precision,(adopts direct feeder program).
  • High pressure centrifugal enthusiasts, accordingto the cardboard warping degree of frequency control pressure, to m ensure warp cardboard or slim cardboard large-speed accurate transmission.
  • Still left and right side baffle position electrically adjustable, screw-pushed.and can remCZPT by computer.
  • Front baffle adjust the position of the upper and lower intervals synchronization by manual.
  • Skip-feeding devices, could select skip-feeding according to wants. To ensure that massive-scale cardboard can also be processed.
  • Install 7″ touch screen, could automatically display the production quantity, production speed, and set the production amount and each and every functioning.
  • Slotting part is outfitted with the interlock switch, to achieve the emergency quit, stop feeding or feeding.

Equipment Separation & Blend

  • Button switches electrically control the separation and combination of machine, with automatic alarm device, continuously alarm although shifting, to ensure safety of operators.
  • Air pressure interlocks, lock securely, conveniently and correctly.
  • Machine clutch drive shaft is equipped with overload defense unit.
  • Active self-locking perform: if unit is not completely locking state, the host cannot commence, to ensure the safety of machine and operator while host normal working problems, the unit clutch function is automatically lock, to avoid machine misuse and personal injuries.

Dust-removing Technique

  • Adopt brush cleaning device, geared up with sturdy Adverse strain suction admirer, clearing the dust, paper scrap or other squander, to improve printing high quality.

Feeding Roller: double Feeding Roller

  • Upper feeding roll adopts outer diameter φ165mm rubber roller, elastic buffer put on rubber (inside soft, outside hard), dynamic balance correction, to ensure smooth and correct feeding.
  • Lower feeding roller adopts embossed rollers, hard chrome-plated, use and clean.
  • According to cardboard thickness, adopt worm gear box gap tuning, with locking system. Adjustment selection -12mm

Die-Cutting Device

  • Rubber roller mechanical spiral commutation 40mm shift about horizontal structure
  • Die-cutter stage, laptop and electric electronic handle
  • Horizontal period, personal computer and electrical digital management, range ±5mm
  • Rubber roller and die roller gap use laptop and electric digital manage
  • Change the transfer roller use pc and electric powered digital management
  • The rubber roller compensated by motor-driven,handle the speed of thr rubber roller, selection ±3mm
  • Rubber roller hsiuping cutting composition, preserve rubber floor roughness
  • Stripping the belt longitudinal output, to simple cleanse waste paper.


The push aspect is a worm. In order to merge the wheel/worm into a worm equipment, it should be ensured that the centre length is equivalent and the transmission ratio is equivalent. Center distances are available from stock in modest actions amongst 17mm and 80mm. Each and every centre distance has several equipment ratios. Ep worm gears are suited for the creation of worm drives with a shaft angle of 90°. Employing a worm drive, extremely massive reduction ratios (up to one hundred:1) can be achieved.

China Standard Flexo Printer Die-Cutter with Slotter Stacker Machine     high quality