Product Description

SMRV series worm-gear velocity reducer is a new-generation of merchandise produced by our firm with blend of innovative by techCZPT each at residence and abroad.


(1)Big output torque
(2) Risk-free, reputable, affordable and resilient
(3) Stable transmission, peaceful procedure
(4) High heat-radiating effectiveness, high carrying potential
(5) Combination of two one-step worm equipment speed reducers, meeting the specifications of sCZPT speed ratio
(6) Mechanical gearboxes are commonly utilised in the sectors,like foodstuff, ceramics, and chemical producing, as properly as packing, printing, dyeing and plastics

 Technical info:
(1) Motor enter energy:.06kw-15kw
(2)  Output torque:4-2320N.M
(3)  Speed ratio of worm equipment peed reducer: 5/10/fifteen/20/25/30/40/50/60/80/a hundred
(4)  With IEC motor input flange: 56B14/71B14/80B5/90B5…

(1)   NMRV571-NMRV090: Aluminium alloy housing
(2)   NMRV110-150: Cast iron housing
(3)   Bearing: NSK bearing & Do-it-yourself bearing
(4)   Lubricant: Synthetic & Mineral
(5)  The materials of the worm mandrel is HT250, and the worm ring gear is ZQSn10-1.
(6)  With high top quality selfmade bearings, assembled NAK oil seals & crammed with high top quality lubricant.

(1)When worm pace reducer commences to function up to200-400 several hours, its lubricant should be replaced.
(2)The gearbox require to exchange the oil soon after 4000 several hours.
(3)Worm reduction gearbox is fully crammed with lubricant oil after finshed assembly.
(4)Lubricanting oil should be kept sufficient in the casing and checked at a fixed time.
(1)   Blue / Light-weight blue
(2)   Silvery White
 Quality control
(1)  Good quality guarantee: 1 calendar year
(2)  Certificate of quality: ISO9001:2000
(3)   Every merchandise have to be tested ahead of sending

The major edge of worm gears is their capability to offer high reduction ratios and correspondingly substantial torque multipliers. They can also be used as reducers for reduced to medium pace purposes. Also, due to the fact their reduction ratio is dependent on the amount of teeth on the equipment, they are far more compact than other sorts of gears. Like wonderful pitch leadscrews, worm gears are usually self-locking, generating them excellent for hoisting and hoisting purposes.

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