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Auotmatic medium avocado coconut sheanut Oil expeller machine

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What’s Solitary oil milling plant Device?

Screw oil push, at present on market place, refers to Small Oil Press, Automatic Oil Push, Auto-temperature Oil Press, etc. Single screw oil push machine is the most popular small oil press machine in present-day marketplace, specifically for modest scale oil production plant. it maximizes the oil yield and requires minimal investment decision value. It is primarily composed of urgent cage and a single screw that is outfitted inside of pressing cage. Screw shaft is the most important portion of screw oil push. Its complex information, rotate pace, constructing supplies have a wonderful effect on the stress of urgent cage and the high quality of oil and oil cake.

Raw Supplies Little oil milling plant Can Method
The screw oil push device is made to extract oil from a very wide variety of oil-bearing seeds, which includes soybean, peanut/groundnut, sesame seed, sunflower seed, niger seed, palm kernel, cottonseed, flaxseed, moringa seed, hemp seed, black cumin seed, mustard seed, coconut/copra, rice bran, corn germ and more.

Previously mentioned listed raw components are just some of the uncooked supplies that our screw oil extraction equipment can approach. If you can not find your raw supplies in the photo or list, please contact us to ensure whether or not its oil content material and oil yield.

Solution Parameters

The parameters of screw oil milling plant:

Model 6YL-80 6YL-a hundred 6YL-a hundred and twenty 6YL-a hundred and sixty
Screw diameter φ 81mm φ 101mm φ 120mm φ 160mm
Screw speed 47r/min 38r/min 37r/min 32r/min
Motor five.5KW(Y132M-4) seven.5KW(132M-4) 11KW(Y132M-4) 15KW(Y132M-4)
Vacuum pump .55KW(Y801-4) .75KW(Y802-4) .75KW(Y802-4) .80KW(Y802-4)
Heating device 2.2KW two.2KW 2.2KW 2.2KW
Capability 65-130Kg/h one hundred forty-280Kg/h 250-400Kg/h 300-550Kg/h
Fat 880Kg 1250Kg 1500Kg 1800Kg
Device dimensions(mm) 1500×1200×1750 1700×1300×1850 2000×1300×1500 2100×1300×1600

The parameter of hydraulic oil milling plant:

Model 6LY-260 QYZ-410 QYZ-500
Pressure 55Mpa 45Mpa 40MPa
Piston stroke 300mm 500mm 700mm
Feeding Diameter 230mm 410mm 500mm
Potential(Per time) 8kg 80kg 200kg
Heating Range 2kw 4kw 4kw
Nominal pressure 190T 120T 300T
Pressing Time 15Min 15Min 15Min
Bodyweight 850kg 1500kg 2800kg

When oil milling plant is working, pretreated oilseeds substance goes into the squeeze chamber via hopper and is pushed ahead and pressed by pressing the screw. Because the material flake in pressing bore of small oil push is in motion. Below the pressure of pressing chamber, there are a fantastic frictional resistances amongst content flake and screw worm, content flake and urgent bore, which results in relative motion within substance flakes.

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Our Advantages

The small screw oil milling plant manufactured and equipped by us has a good deal of features and advantages that can’t be matched by other oil push equipment. It saves occasions and initiatives, has large oil yields and low oil residual ratio. Most importantly, we supply the most CHEAP PRICE for our buyers!

Labor Saving: the same output can conserve sixty two% of the labor power, and one to two folks can organize creation.
Substantial Oil Produce Fee: compared with aged and conventional oil push, the oil output price of our oil press machine can be 5 to 8 proportion factors larger. For instance, use our oil push equipment to process about fifty kg soybean can get about 3.5~4 kg crude soybean oil, which can greatly conserve expense and enhance cash flow.
Quality Confirmed: each element of the oil push machine, from the smallest elements to the total machine, is completely developed and made by our personal manufacturing unit, so the top quality and specialized positive aspects of our oil push equipment are not similar to these produced or assembled by some tiny factories.
Long-term Performance: since the pressing ring and squeezer will use out due to the extrusion and frictions. In purchase to boost the wear resistance coefficient, we current the warmth remedy products, improved the heat treatment method temperature and the depth of carburizing to prolong the provider lifestyle of elements, more to decrease operational expense of end users.
Little Profession of Land: only wants a space of about 10 sq. ft. can start off your possess oil creating workshop
Higher Efficiency: Energy Saving and Optimized Transmission: choose the most realistic gear ratio and optimize the energy output to attain the goal of large effectiveness and energy saving



one. How can we decide on the correct model amount oil push?
You can pick the appropriate product quantity in accordance to the raw substance you use and the output potential you want.

two. Will you offer training?
Of course, cost-free instruction will be offered right after the set up.

3. The place is your factory?

Our manufacturing facility is located in HangZhou town which is the funds of ZheJiang province, China. 

4.Can you put in the equipment in neighborhood area?
We will send out our engineers to neighborhood location to support setting up the equipment and offer complex direction.
five.What our equipment can generate?
We have urgent device, solvent extraction equipment, and refinery machine, our push/expeller can get chilly pressed oil or hot pressed oil from peanut, sunflower seeds, corn germ, cotton seeds, soy bean, rapeseeds and other oil crops our solvent extraction line can extracte oil from different cakes by solvent(leaching),like soy cake, peanut cake, sunflower cake and other individuals Our refining machine can support you get refined oil(decoloring oil, degumming oil, deacid oil), 1st to 4st quality cooking oil as your needs.
six.What’s our factory’s capability, what sort of our device can do?
We can make all sorts of cooking oil equipment, which contains palm oil manufacturing device, peanut oil production line, soybean oil, cotton oil, sunflwoer oil, corn oil, rice bran oil and other kinds of edible oil generation line.

The total manufacturing line involves oil push machine, oil extraction(solvent) equipment, oil refining equipment, palm oil fractionation equipment, sunflower oil dewaxing plant, decoloring procedure machine, deodorization process machine and other equipment.

Worm gears are correct angle drives that provide big equipment ratios with relatively short center-to-center distances from 1/4″ to eleven”. When properly put in and lubricated, they provide as the quietest, smoothest-operating equipment variety. Simply because worm equipment drives can obtain substantial gear ratios, optimum reduction can be accomplished in a more compact room than several other kinds of gear drives. The worm and worm gear operate at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.

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