Item Description

Complete-Defense Horizontal CNC Thread Chopping Equipment(Thread Miller)
SMK6130     SMK6330    SMK6220

Performance and Characteristic
According to the reducing theory, thread milling devices are divided into two varieties: form-chopping and comb-cutting.
Workpieces can be manufactured by shaped milling cutters, that is referred to as kind-reducing. In this way, worms, lead screws, rotors of industrial pumps and compressors can be produced by picking diverse cutters.
Comb-reducing means all varieties of modest pitch threads are machined by comb milling cutters. By using this chopping approach, SMK6220, SMB6110 and SMB6120 can reduce inner or exterior threads, and these equipment are famous for their large effectiveness, substantial precision.
The SMK6130 CNC thread milling machine can minimize all varieties of threads by programming and shifting cutters with each sort-reducing and comb-reducing.
Screw rod milling machines are divided into two varieties, such as semi-automated screw rod milling equipment and CNC screw rod milling machines, which are utilized for machining rotors of extruders, injection moulding machines, industrial pumps and petroleum mechanism and so forth.
Semi-automatic screw rod milling machine can cut various rotors with changeable or constand bottom diameters, solitary or multi-start off in higher pace reducing by using a radial milling head or a hobbing head. By adopting producing cutting, it is also used for machining lengthy spline shafts with straight flutes, straight gears and gear shafts and many others.
If the semi-automatic screw rod milling machine is transformed with a corresponding milling head and other accessoriees, it can manufacture worms, lead screw petroleum boring bars and industrial pump screw rods etc.
The CNC screw rod milling machines which can routinely lower special screw rods with changeable base diameters and pitches, tapered screw rods in accordance to the program by making use of a sort of cylindrical milling cutters.

Technical Parameter

Requirements SMK6130 SMK6220 SMK6330
Names of  the devices NC thread milling device NC thread milling equipment CNC screw rod milling equipment
Max.diameter to be machined 300mm (inter)200mm
 (exter)  150mm
Max.duration to be machined 4500mm
(6000/2500/one thousand)
(exter)   80mm
(6000,/two hundred/1000)
Rotational pace of  milling head 60~320rpm(stepless) a hundred and fifty~2400rpm (stepless) a hundred and fifty~1300rpm(stepless)
Assortment of guide (pitch) to be machined one~1000mm ~6mm one~1000mm
Total dimensions (LxWxH) 7990x1930x2165mm 3350x1835x2100mm 7990x1930x2165mm
Internet fat (Appr.)16000kg (Appr.)7000kg (Appr.)16000kg
Workpieces to be machined (thread),(screw rod)(worm) (thread) (unique screw rod)

The efficiency of a worm gear transmission relies upon to a huge extent on the helix angle of the worm. Multi-threaded worms and gears with greater helix angles have verified to be 25% to 50% more productive than solitary-threaded worms. The sliding motion of the worm meshing with or meshing with the worm gear final results in considerable friction and reduction of effectiveness when compared to other types of gears. Enhance efficiency with hardened and ground worm change bronze worm gears.

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