Merchandise Description


Standard Functions

Top quality: Due to higher specifications for mechanical high quality, raw materials assortment, processing, assembly of industrial manage over the sector normal, utilizing the new design, good quality administration technique, extensive tracking to every single depth, delivery to the customer in both hardware and application are a high top quality equipment.
Effectiveness: Patent sort feeding width computerized adjustment gadget and printing locking gadget with screw. With 4. engineering design and style of industrialization, both hardware and application are billed with the author’s high performance resources.
Provider: Based mostly on the industry’s 1st use of PDM layout file administration method, comprehensive technical assistance data files, no matter of the long time can even now be credible motivation to customers, constant and efficient right after-services for the buyer support. 24 hrs support with twelve engineers .

Primary Complex Parameters

Wall board thickness 50mm
Max Device Pace (pcs/min) a hundred and eighty
Economic Operating Velocity (pcs/min) 150
Max. Feeding Dimension (mm) 900×2400
Max. Printing Dimensions(mm) 900X2200
Min. Feeding Size (mm) 400×800
Skip-feeding Dimension (mm) 1100×2200
Normal Plate Thickness (mm) 7.2
Min. slotter length Damaging 300X100X300X100
Max slotter depth (mm) 600
Print precision (mm) ±0.three
Slot precision (mm) ±1.
Die lower precision (mm) ±1.
Appropriate Cardboard Thickness (mm) two – eleven


Feeder Unit

Direct-edge Feeding Method

  • Direct-edge suction feeding system, easy operation, high precision,(adopts direct feeder system).
  • Higher pressure centrifugal supporters, accordingto the cardboard warping degree of frequency control pressure, to m ensure warp cardboard or thin cardboard substantial-speed accurate transmission.
  • Still left and right side baffle position electrically adjustable, screw-pushed.and can remCZPT by pc.
  • Front baffle adjust the position of the upper and lower intervals synchronization by manual.
  • Skip-feeding devices, could select skip-feeding in accordance to wants. To ensure that big-scale cardboard can also be processed.
  • Install 7″ touch screen, could automatically display the production quantity, production speed, and set the production quantity and every single running.
  • Slotting part is geared up with the interlock switch, to achieve the emergency quit, stop feeding or feeding.

Device Separation & Mix

  • Button switches electrically control the separation and combination of machine, with automatic alarm unit, continuously alarm whilst relocating, to ensure safety of operators.
  • Air pressure interlocks, lock securely, conveniently and precisely.
  • Machine clutch drive shaft is equipped with overload security system.
  • Active self-locking purpose: if unit is not completely locking state, the host cannot commence, to ensure the safety of machine and operator while host normal working circumstances, the unit clutch function is automatically lock, to avoid machine misuse and personal damage.

Dust-removing Method

  • Undertake brush cleansing unit, equipped with sturdy Negative pressure suction supporter, clearing the dust, paper scrap or other waste, to boost printing top quality.

Feeding Roller: double Feeding Roller

  • Upper feeding roll adopts outer diameter φ165mm rubber roller, elastic buffer dress in rubber (inside soft, outside hard), dynamic balance correction, to ensure smooth and correct feeding.
  • Lower feeding roller adopts embossed rollers, hard chrome-plated, put on and sleek.
  • According to cardboard thickness, adopt worm gear box gap tuning, with locking unit. Adjustment selection -12mm

Printing Roller 

  • With printing plate, outer diameter φ420mm
  • Higher good quality metal manufacturing, surface area grinded, tough chromium-plated. Static equilibrium adjustment, secure procedure, suitable for substantial velocity operating
  • Roller horizontal direction and circumferential path with datum line, hassle-free for align plate
  • Set coil axis, suited for standard hanging slats, recognize speedy change plate
  • Electrical 360° adjust printing roller, computerized digital exhibit adjustment,remCZPT keep digital.
  • Set up with foot switch to control plate roller reversing, practical modify plate
  • Vehicle-zero function,buy memory.
  • Printing roller plate-modify and repair-plate operate.
  • Printing roll axial is adjusted still left and correct by handbook,greatest movement left and proper 10mm,automobile-zero instruction.

Slotting Unit

  • Solitary-axle double-knife slotter, use Inner tooth structure adjutment the height of box, So that oil does not simply contaminated cartons
  • The 1st force line spherical, right after preloading cardboard not easily crush
  • The previously mentioned press spherical Urethane visual appeal package deal, will not harm the cardboard
  • The slotter knife inventory use traverse mechanism, screw with linear manual, to transfer far more versatile and exact
  • Slotting stage and box height, computer and electric electronic handle
  • Preload, creasing hole adjustment adopt pc and electric digital manage
  • The slotter knife stock hole adjustment adopt self-locking structure
  • There’s the elastic corner-chopping knife. Can cut three, 5, cardboard CZPT altered.
  • Preload wheel, creas wheel, slot knife traverse position computer and electrical electronic handle
  • The slotter knife undertake Anti-knife manner
  • Laptop computerized set up knife, can stockpile 999 memories

Die-Slicing Device

  • Rubber roller mechanical spiral commutation 40mm shift about horizontal composition
  • Die-cutter period, personal computer and electrical digital handle
  • Horizontal period, laptop and electric electronic control, selection ±5mm
  • Rubber roller and die roller hole use laptop and electric electronic manage
  • Adjust the transfer roller use personal computer and electric electronic management
  • The rubber roller compensated by motor-driven,manage the speed of thr rubber roller, assortment ±3mm
  • Rubber roller hsiuping chopping composition, preserve rubber area roughness
  • Stripping the belt longitudinal output, to simple clean squander paper.


Ep’s item range only involves bronze worm gears. The cause is simple, bronze assures the ideal sliding and dry managing properties when compared to other materials. The aluminium material also guarantees large chemical resistance. Worm gears are excellent for steady procedure at substantial pace and torque.

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