Solution Description


&lpar1&rparLarge output torque
&lpar2&rpar Protected&comma trustworthy&comma economical and tough
&lpar3&rpar Secure transmission&comma quiet procedure
&lpar4&rpar High warmth-radiating effectiveness&comma substantial carrying potential
&lpar5&rpar Blend of two single-phase worm equipment pace reducers&comma meeting the needs of sCZPT pace ratio
&lpar6&rpar Mechanical gearboxes are extensively used in the sectors&commalike foodstuff&comma ceramics&comma and chemical production&comma as effectively as packing&comma printing&comma dyeing and plastics

 Technical data&colon

&lpar1&rpar Motor input electrical power&colon0&period06kw-15kw
&lpar2&rpar  Output torque&colon4-2320N&periodM
&lpar3&rpar  Speed ratio of worm equipment peed reducer&colon 5&sol10&sol15&sol20&sol25&sol30&sol40&sol50&sol60&sol80&sol100
&lpar4&rpar  With IEC motor input flange&colon 56B14&sol71B14&sol80B5&sol90B5&mldr
&lpar1&rpar   NMRV571-NMRV090&colon Aluminium alloy housing
&lpar2&rpar   NMRV110-one hundred fifty&colon Forged iron housing
&lpar3&rpar   Bearing&colon NSK bearing & Do-it-yourself bearing
&lpar4&rpar   Lubricant&colon Artificial & Mineral
&lpar5&rpar  The materials of the worm mandrel is HT250&comma and the worm ring equipment is ZQSn10-1&period of time
&lpar6&rpar  With high top quality do-it-yourself bearings&comma assembled NAK oil seals & filled with substantial high quality lubricant&time period
&lpar1&rparWhen worm speed reducer commences to function up to200-four hundred several hours&comma its lubricant need to be replaced&interval
&lpar2&rparThe gearbox require to change the oil after 4000 several hours&interval
&lpar3&rparWorm reduction gearbox is completely stuffed with lubricant oil right after finshed assembly&period
&lpar4&rparLubricanting oil must be stored enough in the casing and checked at a mounted time&interval


&lpar1&rpar   Blue &sol Mild blue
&lpar2&rpar   Silvery White
 Quality control
&lpar1&rpar  High quality guarantee&colon 1 calendar year
&lpar2&rpar  Certificate of good quality&colon ISO9001&colon2000
&lpar3&rpar   Every product must be examined before sending

Motor power  Product pace ratio output pace output toruqe
1&period1kw 1400rpm NMRV130 80 18rpm 408&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 a hundred 14rpm 480&period0N&periodM
1&period5kw 1400rpm NMRV130 eighty 18rpm 557&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 100 14rpm 655&period0N&periodM
2&period2kw 1400rpm NMRV130 25 56rpm 319&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 thirty 47rpm 365&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 forty 35rpm 468&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 fifty 28rpm 563&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 60 24rpm 657&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 eighty 18rpm 816&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 a hundred 14rpm 976&period0N&periodM
3&period0kw 1400rpm NMRV130 twenty five 56rpm 430&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 30 47rpm 491&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 forty 35rpm 638&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 fifty 28rpm 767&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 sixty 24rpm 896&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 eighty 18rpm 1113&period0N&periodM
4&period0kw 1400rpm NMRV130 25 56rpm 573&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 thirty 47rpm 655&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 forty 35rpm 851&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 fifty 28rpm 1571&period0N&periodM
NMRV130 60 24rpm 1195&period0N&periodM

The travel factor is a worm. In order to blend the wheel/worm into a worm equipment, it must be ensured that the centre length is equal and the transmission ratio is equal. Centre distances are accessible from stock in modest actions amongst 17mm and 80mm. Every single heart length has a number of equipment ratios. Ep worm gears are ideal for the generation of worm drives with a shaft angle of 90°. Utilizing a worm generate, extremely big reduction ratios (up to 100:1) can be achieved.

China OEM Squre Flange Power Transmission Motovario Like Mechanical Variable Nmrv Aluminium Alloy Worm Gearbox     Good quality