Product Description

PY-950 Automated Roll Creasing Die Cutting

PY-950 is an perfect and specialist equipment in die-cutting creasing and embossing various PE coated paper, typical paper, corrugating paper and plastic materials. It applies to paper cup,paper box,healthcare package,wine package deal,foodstuff deal and other environmental safety items.It adopts micro-laptop,HMI,servo positioning,alternating existing frequency converter,computerized counting,photoelectric rectifying,pneumatic lock cutting plate,electromagnetic clutch,centralized oil lubrication,,overload safety and exclusive gearing.All of these is the ensure of constant strain,precise positioning,clean managing,security and reliability operation.

Technological Specification

Sort PY-950 PY-1200
Minimize Precision: ± 0.10mm
Generation capability 90-120times/min
Highest reducing measurement: 950 x550mm 1200 x650mm
Suitable Materials: 100-800g/m2 PE coated paper   corrugating paper   plastic substance
Optimum Stress: 300T
Complete Power: 11KW
Whole Bodyweight: seven.5T 9T
All round Dimension: 40000 x 2100 x 1850 mm 4000 x 2500 x 1850 mm
Operating Air Supply: Air stress .5-.7Mpa (Need to have to purchase compressor)

Major Characteristic:
one.The typical doing work speed is ninety-120times per minute. It has the capability to die-cutting,creasing and embossing for different styles.
2.Paper conveyed by servo motor to assures regular and correct conveying.photoelectricity sensor checks the color code of printing to make sure repair the paper situation accurately.
3.Worm wheel and worm transmission system assures the strong and steady pressureIt is quite hassle-free and accurate to modify force through HMI. 
four.Electrical handle method employs PLC and HMI. Geared up with safety refinements to make acousto – optical alarming and automobile cease when some faults.
five.Lubricating with oil circulation and alarming when lack of oil to ensure clean managing and extend the device life.
6.The die-chopping body makes use of pneumatic locking method to hassle-free procedure. Die-cutting down metal board from ZheJiang is correct and lasts forever.
seven.It adapts electric handle pneumatic clutch to protect the device when commence and emergency stop..The flywheel gives a mounting spot to the clutch and also can boost the pressure.

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The lubricating oil external circulation tools of the worm equipment reducer equipment has low oil temperature. The worm gear reducer ideas to traverse its electricity. The worm equipment is manufactured of non-ferrous steel. Master data worms are usually produced of difficult metal. As a result, making use of a whole lot of warmth in the software, coupled with the affect of the ambient temperature, it is difficult to handle the temperature of the reducer. Use inside of the temperature variety. When the ambient temperature is decrease than 0℃, the operating temperature of the worm equipment reducer need to be managed at -40℃~40℃. It is recommended to warmth or use a minimal freezing stage lubricant ahead of the oil is completely dissolved.

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