Merchandise Description

Merchandise Description

Higher precision 5color flexo printing die-reducing equipment

Functional configuration and specialized parameters:

Capabilities and characteristics 


one.The total line is made and  made for higher good quality,higher pace,higher performance,high stability and large security,convenient for fast order update and procedure.

2.Servo management for the complete device to reduce transmissioerror and ensure higher top quality printing.

three.Created with substantial top quality materials and parts.

4.Vacuum transfer program for all printers.

5.All electric,electronic and pneumatic parts are of European common.

6.The total line is of pc-centralized contuol.

7.Optional tools-U.V.Varnishing system.

8.Capable to get to high Lpl specific printing reault.

9.Outfitted with I.R curing system to dry the printing ink.

ten.Brief-time get update to enhance production effectiveness.

11.All units are fixed jointly,adopts vacuum transferring bevice pinting regester is serro managed to achieve higher resolution specific printing.



Name of parameter Unit Specification
LGF-SHM900*2200 LGF-SHM900*2600 LGF-SHM1200*2600
Style speed Piece/min 250(direct edge) 250(lead edge) 220(guide edge)
Max dimension of feeding paper mm 880*2000 880*2400 1180*2400
Min measurement of feeding paper mm 320*650 320*650 420*650
Skip feeding mm 1100*2000 1100*2400 1500*2400
Max printing spot mm 800*1800 800*2200 1150*2400
Precision of colour method(double/three/4/5 coloration) mm .35 .35 .35
Thickness of normal printing mm 7.two 7.two seven.2
Min slotting space mm 240*80*240*eighty 240*eighty*240*eighty 240*ninety*240*90
Max slotting depth mm 250 250 320
Printing roller axle circle-oriented regulating diploma 360°revolving 360°revolving 360°revolving
Printing roller axle-oriented regulating mm ±10 ±10 ±10
Total electrical power(double/a few/4/five coloration) Kw 20/twenty five/30/35h forty/50/fifty four/sixty three 40/fifty/fifty four/sixty three

Paper feeding element:

The “light force” paper feeding component (patented product) can decrease the friction force in between the paperboard and the desk leading by 60%, which protects the first sCZPT of the cardboard, avoids pressing and sloughing, and combines with the pneumatic elastic paper feeding system, which is favorable for the easy enter of the paperboard.
one.machine separation&assemble
 *Electric powered handle platform separation&assemble, steady alarm  between the shifting, to make sure the protection of the operator. The transmission shaft is attached to the friction clutch to steer clear of incorrect procedure and damage the machine.
*Every platform is geared up with a sudden stop switch, which can stop the motion of the device by inner manage to ensure the protection of the staff in the internal procedure.
*Pneumatic chain gadget, the primary engine can not start if some device is not locked in spot . The complete equipment is locked to make the products run easily.
two.dust collecting technique
*Equipped with our firm’s parallel parallel chip suction and dust removing mechanism, it has reputable and reputable assure for printing on large fields and large outlets, and at the same time, it can properly minimize the instances of downtime.
Printing component:

1.Printing roller
*The outside the house diameter is Ф393.6mm (with plate diameter Ф408mm).
*Dynamic and static equilibrium correction, surface area grinding and challenging chromium plating, smooth operation.
*Ratchet fastened volume plate shaft, total plate, half plate plate (3*9mm), easy to set up, quick.
*Loading and unloading printing plate, foot change electric powered handle is positive and reverse.
2.Transfer axis
*The clearance of press roller and bridge guide paper shaft adopts the handle method of self locking double phase worm equipment box, and the gravity meter demonstrates the numerical adjustment variety of 0 – 10mm.
*The manual paper shaft is outfitted with a few rapidly transversal manual paper wheels, which can alter the self locking perform speedily.
*Dynamic and static equilibrium correction, area grinding and tough chromium plating, easy operation.
three.anilox roll
* The exterior diameter isФ213.7mm, the internal area of the total method, the bodily houses of uniform.
* The surface of the metal pipe by means of unique processing, by urgent, chrome plating, mesh policies, network wall smooth, the bottom is flat, big sum of ink, ink releasing in quick and easy cleaning.
* Dynamic balance correction.
*The management method of self locking double phase worm gear box and the exhibit value of gravity meter are adopted in the gap with the plate roll, and the adjustment range is 2 – 10mm.
* anilox roll arrangement according to buyer needs.
4.rubber roll
*The outside the house diameter isФ210mm.
*Metal tube floor wrapped corrosion resistant rubber, medium and large special grinding, great ink transfer effect.
* Dynamic balance correction.
*The handle manner of self locking double stage worm equipment box and gravity meter show price are adopted in the gap amongst the anilox roll and the adjustment range is±4mm.
five.Maijk shut kind ink scraping system
*The modern chamber fluid dynamics and duplex ink sCZPT style, the ink transportation effect is excellent, and the ink can be saved much more.
*Air force or cylinder adjustment locking, the scraper dress in computerized compensation, so that the anilox roller and the scraper much better match, can get the ideal ink scraping effect.
*Sticky coating chamber “Tefulong” antiseptic and anti, so that the ink transfer and easy cleaning.
6.Ink circulation
*Geared up with inks alarm unit, when a group of inks deficiency of ink, alarm and quit sending paper.
*Pneumatic two-way diaphragm pump for ink, ink release, so that the procedure is fast, preserve ink and wash convenient.
*The ink filter can remove most of the impurities in the circulation program. Welding metal slot, corrosion resistant and simple to thoroughly clean.
7.Period adjustment mechanism
*The printing phase utilizes PLC management method electronic exhibit and electrical electronic 360 degree adjustment (operation and shutdown can), and the section adjustment precision can achieve .1mm.
*The printing roll adopts the frequency converter to change the phase, the sectional sort start and end control, so that the wonderful tuning is accurate, and the time is saved when greatly altered.
*The horizontal placement of the printing roll is digitally displayed by PLC manage method, and the adjustment length is 10mm, and the precision can attain .1mm.
*In the approach of doing work, if the machine needs to open up the device to wipe the plate, the equipment can fit the device, and the unique position can be recovered.
Drying part1:
*The drinking water-dependent ink on the printed surface area is rapidly dried by scorching air or infrared, so as to stay away from the visual appeal of ink fall and affect the result of sharpening.
*In crisis shutdown, it will not cause the hearth incident, it is protected and reliable. It can also establish the drying selection and save power in accordance to the demands.
Sharpening portion:
*The composition of the unit is the same as the printing area, and the h2o-primarily based mild oil or UV light-weight oil can be picked to polish when the production.
*The device can also be utilised as a printing unit and can be combined with polychromatic printing.
VI.Drying part2:
In addition to obtaining the operate of drying portion 1, it can also include UV drying operate. It can be utilised for two kinds of h2o-primarily based varnish and UV varnish, so as to stay away from tow phenomenon throughout die chopping.

  1. Die slicing element:
  1. Youli rubber roller

*Youli roll with 389mm (including pad diameter 405mm), centrifugal casting alloy metal, grinding, tough chromium plating, static stability.
*There is a rubber pad with “ZheJiang Chaonai”, width of 250mm, the normal use of 8 million times, the mechanical shift about 30mm, and with a radial differential gadget, the rubber pad dress in average distribution, enhance the support daily life of the rubber pad greatly.
*Youli roll with created-in differential automatic payment unit, the rubber pad and the Mildew plate instantly preserve the line speed and. To preserve the measurement of every batch of products regular, thus lowering the expense of generation.
*The device is equipped with Youli rubber modified gadget, can be repeatedly modified soon after use.
2.Mold plate roller
*The template roller and with 360mm (like cutter mould diameter 408mm), centrifugal casting alloy steel, grinding, tough chromium plating, static equilibrium.
*Template set screw M10, axial spacing 100mm, radial (18 equal pitch angle 20 degrees).
*Knife mold wood thickness: 16mm (a few levels of cardboard) 13mm (5 layers of cardboard).
*The mold roll is connected with the lateral adjustment system to extend 10mm, and the PLC manage mode is utilised for digital screen, and its adjustment precision is .1mm.
*Mildew roll and Youli rubber roll in the un-die chopping condition by way of the cylinder eccentric device routinely disengaged, can reduce the load and extend the existence of Youli rubber and knife mildew.
3. Free plate die cutting mildew
In addition to obtaining the main purpose of the normal configuration die reducing, there are four sets of metal knife mold, which are utilized for common industrial box slotting, corner cutting and aspect slitting use. Handbook 4 knife synchronous adjustment (box top synchronous adjustment),manual traverse.
VIII.Stacking portion
1.Paper receiving arm
*Manual or automated procedure can be optional.
*The transmission belt of the paper arm is utilized to alter the tightness of the belt independently, and it is not restricted by the size of the belt.
2. Mattress lift
*Robust chain drive.
*The stack height of 1600 mm.
*The mattress system raise motor is attached to the brake perform. The mattress can hold the mounted position and will not slide.
*Add the fat iron unit to make the bed raise in the handle, to make certain the security of the staff.
*The plane crepe climbing belt to prevent the paperboard from falling.
three.Paper baffle
*The air stress action paper baffle, when the cardboard is stacked to the predetermined peak, the paper plate is immediately extended to hold the cardboard.
*The position of the rear baffle is modified manually.
four.Manage method
*the electrical appliance is carried out by PLC programming handle.
*unbiased procedure electric powered box.
5.Vibrating &stripping function
IX. Transmission equipment

XI.Motor record
Name           Specifications            Quantity
one.Feeding portion
1) primary motor(ZheJiang HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.), 15KW (variable frequency velocity regulation),  1set
two) system assemble(HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.), 1.5KW 1/seventy one equipment deceleration,  1set
three) still left and appropriate baffle (Wu Qiaozhongyuan) .18KW RV-30,  2sets,
four) adsorption supporter (ZheJiang HangZhou) 7.5KW,  1set
5) dedusting admirer (ZheJiang Xin Zhi) 1.5KW,  1set
two. Printing Division
one) section adjustment (ZheJiang Taibang) .2KW RV-thirty (variable frequency velocity regulation) 1 sets / color
2) the anliox roller operation (HangZhou DORT) .4KW 1/thirty, 1 gear sets / color
three) transverse stretching (Wu Qiaozhongyuan) .18KW RV-50 1/80, 1 sets / color
three. die chopping segment
1) phase adjustment (Wu Qiaozhongyuan) .18KW RV-30 one
2) remaining and right stretching (Wu Qiaozhongyuan) .18KW RV-50 1/eighty 1 sets
three) rubber pad mend (HangZhou rui’ao) .37KW RV-forty-fifty 1/900 1
4. stack section
1) 1 sets of conveyer belt (ZheJiang HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.) 3.0KW (electromagnetic velocity regulation)
two) bed system lifting (ZheJiang HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.) 2.2KW RV-a hundred thirty 1/eighty 1
XII. Other guidelines
Name                    brand               number
one. bearing quality,  Japanese NSK,  plate roll, anolix roller and rubber shaft
The rest of HangZhou, HangZhou Town and HangZhou
two. touch screen            MCGS          all
three.PLC                  ZheJiang Taida      all
4. frequency converter      ZheJiang Zhong Chen    all
five. contactor, thermal relay    Germany SIEMENS     all
six. button swap,            German SIEMENS      all
seven. intermediate relay,          OMRON, Japan      all
eight. encoder                   Japan Koyo         all
nine. proximity switch              ZHangZhoug         all
10. Solenoid valve              AirTAC          all
eleven. pneumatic diaphragm pump    ZheJiang HangZhou    all
twelve. cylinder                    Delixi
thirteen. Yoiuli rubber pad          ZheJiang Chaonai

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Protection PROVISIONS: Worm drives must not be used as a locking mechanism to secure weighty objects, which may result in harm or injury in the course of reverse action. In non-probably harmful purposes, self-locking is necessary to prevent reverse rotation, and then a minimal-pitch single-threaded worm is utilized to routinely lock the worm equipment to avoid reverse rotation.

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