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Worm equipment hose clamps, also referred to as radiator clamps, jubilee clips, worm generate hose clamps, or screw hose clamps, are potentially the most extensively employed style of hose clamp. Worm equipment hose clamps are created with a captive worm equipment screw hooked up to a metal band. 

In our manufacturing facility, we have entire selection of hose clamp, and own a total inductry chain like molds processing, items production, surface area treatment, rubber vulcanizing and screw manufacturing.

Merchandise programs like:
1, Germany stype Non-perforated sort with & CZPT welded hose pipe clamps, 
two, Italy type hose clamp, 
three, MICOR perforeated hose pipe clamps, 
four, American type perforated hose pipe clamps, 
five, Swift release hose pipe clamp, 
6, Continuous Pressure clamps, 
seven, T-Bolt hose pipe clamps, 
eight, Lihgt & hefty Unitary hose pipe clamps, 
9, Double bolts & double bands sCZPT hose pipe clamps
ten, Solitary & Double ears hose pipe clamps
eleven, pipe strap
12, hose pipe clamps with rubber
13, PP & PEX snap clip







Zinc plated steel

Zinc plated metal

Zinc plated steel


AISI 430ss/201ss

AISI 430ss/201ss

Zinc plated steel


AISI 301ss/304ss

AISI 301ss/304ss

AISI 301ss/304ss


AISI 316ss

AISI 316ss

AISI 316ss



German style hose clamp 9 & 12mm
W1 W2 W4 W5 Packing
pcs/bag pcs/ctn
8-12 one hundred one thousand
ten-sixteen a hundred one thousand
12-22 one hundred one thousand
16-27 a hundred 1000
20-32 a hundred five hundred
twenty five-forty a hundred five hundred
thirty-forty five 50 500
35-fifty 50 500
40-60 fifty 500
50-70 fifty five hundred
sixty-eighty 50 500
70-90 50 500
80-100 50 five hundred
ninety-one hundred ten 50 500
100-a hundred and twenty 25 250
a hundred and ten-one hundred thirty 25 250
120-one hundred forty 25 250
one hundred thirty-150 twenty five 250
a hundred and forty-a hundred and sixty twenty five 250


Welding Type Clamps M8 With Rubber
Design Amount D(mm) R(mm) INCH Band thickness
and width
JM-HC001519 eighteen 15-19 3/8″ 20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC57125 22 20-25 1/2″ twenty*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC002630 28 26-30 three/4″ twenty*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC003236 35 32-36 one” twenty*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC003843 forty 38-43 11/4″ 20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC05711 48 forty seven-51 11/2″ twenty*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC05718 54 fifty three-58   20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC006064 60 60-sixty four 2″ 20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC006872 70 sixty eight-72   20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC05710 75 75-80 21/2″ 20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC008086 eighty three eighty-86   20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC0 0571 2 ninety 87-92 three” 20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC057105 100 ninety nine-105 31/2″ 20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC5717112 one hundred ten 107-112   20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC00113118 one hundred fifteen 113-118 4″ twenty*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC00125130 125 125-130   twenty*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC00132137 133 132-137   20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC00136142 a hundred and forty 136-142 5″ 20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC00159166 one hundred sixty 159-166 6″ 20*(1.2~1.5)
JM-HC5715712 two hundred 200-212   twenty*(1.2~1.5)

“U”Typy With out Rubber
Design Number D(mm) A*B PCS/BOX BOX/CARTON
JM-HC09006 six 12*1.two 100 10
JM-HC09008 8 12*1.2 one hundred 10
JM-HC09571 ten twelve*1.two a hundred 10
JM-HC 0571 2 12 twelve*1.2 one hundred ten
JM-HC 0571 four fourteen 12*1.two 100 10
JM-HC 0571 five 15 12*1.two one hundred 10
JM-HC 0571 six sixteen twelve*1.two a hundred ten
JM-HC 0571 eight eighteen 15*1.two a hundred ten
JM-HC09571 twenty 15*1.two one hundred 10
JM-HC571 22 fifteen*1.2 a hundred ten
JM-HC09571 24 fifteen*1.two one hundred 10
JM-HC 0571 6 26 15*1.2 a hundred ten
JM-HC09571 28 15*1.2 a hundred 10
JM-HC 0571 30 15*1.2 50 ten
JM-HC571 32 eighteen*1.2 fifty 10
JM-HC 0571 7 37 eighteen*1.two 50 ten
JM-HC09040 40 18*1.two fifty ten
JM-HC09042 42 18*1.2 fifty ten
JM-HC09047 forty seven 18*1.2 fifty 10
JM-HC 0571 60 eighteen*1.2 fifty ten

Welding Sort Clamps M8+10 With Rubber
Model Quantity D(mm) R(mm) INCH Band thickness
and width
JM-HC011519 18 15-19 3/8″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC012571 22 twenty-twenty five 1/2″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC012630 28 26-30 3/4″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC013236 35 32-36 1″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC013843 forty 38-43 eleven/4″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC014751 forty eight 47-fifty one 11/2″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC015358 fifty four fifty three-58   twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC016064 60 sixty-sixty four 2″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC016872 70 68-seventy two   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC017580 seventy five seventy five-eighty 21/2″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC018086 83 eighty-86   twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC018792 90 87-ninety two 3″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC0199105 one hundred 99-a hundred and five 31/2″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC0115712 a hundred and ten 107-112   twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC01113118 115 113-118 4″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC01125130 a hundred twenty five 125-a hundred thirty   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC01132137 133 132-137   twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC01136142 a hundred and forty 136-142 five” twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC01159166 a hundred and sixty 159-166 6″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC01205712 200 two hundred-212   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC01248252 250 248-252   twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC01312318 315 312-318   twenty*(1.8~2.)

Welding Variety Clamps M8+10 Without having Rubber
Design Variety D(mm) R(mm) INCH Band thickness
and width
JM-HC57119 18 15-19 three/8″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC032571 22 twenty-twenty five 1/2″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC032630 28 26-30 3/4″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC033236 35 32-36 1″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC033843 forty 38-forty three eleven/4″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC034751 forty eight 47-fifty one eleven/2″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC57158 54 fifty three-fifty eight   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC036064 sixty 60-sixty four two” twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC036872 70 sixty eight-72   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC57180 75 seventy five-80 21/2″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC038086 83 80-86   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC038792 ninety 87-ninety two 3″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC0399105 100 ninety nine-105 31/2″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC571712 a hundred and ten 107-112   twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC5713118 a hundred and fifteen 113-118 four” 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC5715130 125 one hundred twenty five-a hundred thirty   twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC5712137 133 132-137   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC5716142 a hundred and forty 136-142 5″ 20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC5719166 one hundred sixty 159-166 6″ twenty*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC03205712 two hundred two hundred-212   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC03248252 250 248-252   20*(1.8~2.)
JM-HC03312318 315 312-318   20*(1.8~2.)


Business Profile

Set up in 2003, HangZhou Jay&Min Sanitaryware Tech Co., Ltd. is a younger and quickly increasing manufacturing facility. We are a skilled manufacturer and exporter of rest room&Kitchen sanitaryware goods, specially in Faucet aerator, Kitchen area aerator, Hand shower and all types of hose clamps.. We are really robust in R&D capacity. More importantly, we have a devoted staff who are all set to supply efficient and professional companies to our customers at any time. Our Controlling Section is liable for business operation and advancement plHangZhou. Constant attempts are taken by them to make our support method far more effective, hence provide our buyers far better. “Consumer First” is the theory that all these sections adhere to. We search forward to creating fulfilling interactions with customers worldwide.


1. who are we?
We are based mostly in ZHangZhoug, China, commence from 2571,market to Western Europe(eleven.eleven%),CZPT Asia(11.eleven%),Mid East(11.eleven%),Oceania(eleven.eleven%),Africa(eleven.11%),SCZPT Asia(eleven.11%),CZPT Europe(eleven.11%),South America(eleven.eleven%),North America(eleven.11%). There are total about eleven-fifty people in our place of work.

2. how can we ensure top quality?
Always a pre-creation sample prior to mass production
Usually closing Inspection prior to cargo

three.what can you purchase from us?
Faucet Aerator,Drinking water saving,LED aerator,Drain cleaner,hose clamp

4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We are a expert maker of Kitchen area & Lavatory sanitaryware, specially in H2o preserving faucet aerator, Kitchen swivel sprayer, LED kitchen sprayer, and all varieties of drinking water saving elements in household h2o preserving products.

five. what providers can we give?
Acknowledged Supply Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,FCA
Acknowledged Payment Currency:USD,EUR,CNY
Accepted Payment Sort: T/T,L/C,D/P D/A

Lubrication is an important issue to increase the efficiency of worm gear transmission. The worm gear motion generates a great deal of warmth, which decreases efficiency. The energy sent at a offered temperature boosts with the transmission efficiency. Suitable lubrication lowers friction and warmth, which boosts efficiency.