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Factory price tag Hot push Chilly Press oil expellers in the milling method

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What is oil expellers?

oil expellers, at existing on marketplace, refers to Small Oil Push, Automatic Oil Press, Auto-temperature Oil Push, etc. Single screw oil push machine is the most popular small oil press machine in modern market place, especially for little scale oil generation plant. it maximizes the oil produce and demands low expenditure price. It is largely composed of pressing cage and a single screw that is equipped inside of pressing cage. Screw shaft is the most crucial element of screw oil push. Its technological info, rotate speed, constructing resources have a fantastic influence on the pressure of urgent cage and the quality of oil and oil cake.

Uncooked Resources Modest oil expellers Can Approach
The oil expellers is made to extract oil from a quite extensive assortment of oil-bearing seeds, which includes soybean, peanut/groundnut, sesame seed, sunflower seed, niger seed, palm kernel, cottonseed, flaxseed, moringa seed, hemp seed, black cumin seed, mustard seed, coconut/copra, rice bran, corn germ and far more.

Over detailed raw materials are just some of the raw resources that our screw oil extraction device can process. If you are unable to discover your raw resources in the image or list, you should contact us to guarantee no matter whether its oil content material and oil yield.

Solution Parameters

The parameters of oil expellers:

Design 6YL-eighty 6YL-100 6YL-120 6YL-one hundred sixty
Screw diameter φ 81mm φ 101mm φ 120mm φ 160mm
Screw speed 47r/min 38r/min 37r/min 32r/min
Motor 5.5KW(Y132M-4) seven.5KW(132M-4) 11KW(Y132M-4) 15KW(Y132M-4)
Vacuum pump .55KW(Y801-4) .75KW(Y802-4) .75KW(Y802-4) .80KW(Y802-4)
Heating equipment two.2KW 2.2KW two.2KW two.2KW
Capability 65-130Kg/h one hundred forty-280Kg/h 250-400Kg/h 300-550Kg/h
Bodyweight 880Kg 1250Kg 1500Kg 1800Kg
Equipment measurement(mm) 1500×1200×1750 1700×1300×1850 2000×1300×1500 2100×1300×1600

The parameter of hydraulic oil press machine:

Product 6LY-260 QYZ-410 QYZ-500
Stress 55Mpa 45Mpa 40MPa
Piston stroke 300mm 500mm 700mm
Feeding Diameter 230mm 410mm 500mm
Capability(Per time) 8kg 80kg 200kg
Heating Range 2kw 4kw 4kw
Nominal pressure 190T 120T 300T
Pressing Time 15Min 15Min 15Min
Bodyweight 850kg 1500kg 2800kg

When oil expellers is operating, pretreated oilseeds content goes into the squeeze chamber by way of hopper and is pushed forward and pressed by pressing the screw. Since the content flake in urgent bore of modest oil press is in motion. Under the strain of urgent chamber, there are a excellent frictional resistances in between materials flake and screw worm, materials flake and urgent bore, which final results in relative motion within content flakes.

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Our Advantages

The little oil expellersmade and provided by us has a great deal of features and rewards that cannot be matched by other oil push equipment. It saves moments and endeavours, has higher oil yields and lower oil residual ratio. Most importantly, we offer you the most CHEAP PRICE for our buyers!

Labor Conserving: the exact same output can help save 62% of the labor drive, and one particular to two men and women can manage production.
High Oil Produce Rate: compared with previous and standard oil push, the oil output charge of our oil push device can be 5 to 8 proportion points greater. For illustration, use our oil push device to process about fifty kg soybean can get about 3.5~4 kg crude soybean oil, which can greatly save expense and increase cash flow.
Quality Assured: each element of the oil press machine, from the smallest components to the complete equipment, is completely designed and created by our own manufacturing facility, so the high quality and technical advantages of our oil push equipment are not similar to individuals produced or assembled by some small factories.
Extended-expression Overall performance: due to the fact the urgent ring and squeezer will use out because of to the extrusion and frictions. In order to improve the use resistance coefficient, we up to date the heat remedy tools, enhanced the warmth remedy temperature and the depth of carburizing to lengthen the support existence of elements, additional to lessen operational price of users.
Modest Profession of Land: only requirements a area of about 10 sq. ft. can begin your own oil producing workshop
Substantial Effectiveness: Energy Conserving and Optimized Transmission: choose the most reasonable equipment ratio and increase the power output to obtain the objective of large efficiency and power conserving



one. How can we pick the appropriate model number oil press?
You can choose the correct design quantity according to the raw materials you use and the output potential you want.

2. Will you supply training?
Indeed, free instruction will be offered soon after the installation.

3. In which is your factory?

Our factory is positioned in HangZhou metropolis which is the capital of ZheJiang province, China. 

four.Can you put in the equipment in nearby area?
We will deliver our engineers to regional spot to help installing the equipment and give technological direction.
5.What our equipment can make?
We have pressing equipment, solvent extraction device, and refinery machine, our push/expeller can get cold pressed oil or sizzling pressed oil from peanut, sunflower seeds, corn germ, cotton seeds, soy bean, rapeseeds and other oil crops our solvent extraction line can extracte oil from various cakes by solvent(leaching),like soy cake, peanut cake, sunflower cake and other folks Our refining equipment can help you get refined oil(decoloring oil, degumming oil, deacid oil), 1st to 4st grade cooking oil as your requirements.
6.What is our factory’s ability, what variety of our equipment can do?
We can generate all sorts of cooking oil equipment, which consists of palm oil generation equipment, peanut oil generation line, soybean oil, cotton oil, sunflwoer oil, corn oil, rice bran oil and other varieties of edible oil creation line.

The whole production line involves oil press device, oil extraction(solvent) machine, oil refining products, palm oil fractionation products, sunflower oil dewaxing plant, decoloring procedure machine, deodorization method device and other device.

Basic safety PROVISIONS: Worm drives should not be utilized as a locking mechanism to secure weighty objects, which may trigger injuries or damage in the course of reverse motion. In non-probably harmful purposes, self-locking is required to avoid reverse rotation, and then a reduced-pitch solitary-threaded worm is employed to automatically lock the worm gear to prevent reverse rotation.

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