Item Description

CW/WH series hollow flank worm gearbox is divided into round cylindrical worm reducer (GB9147-88) and circular arc tooth cylindrical worm reducer series, using the solitary-stage worm reduction generate. Suited for metallurgy, mining, lifting, transport, cement, textile, chemical, construction, strength, mild sector and other business equipment reduction drive.

  • Reducer enter speed n1 1500 r/min or significantly less.
  • Reducer functioning surroundings temperature for – 40 ~ forty ºC When the functioning atmosphere temperature is reduce than ºC, just before the start of the lubricating oil have to be heated to ºC earlier mentioned When the operating atmosphere temperature is higher than forty ºC, the cooling steps should be taken.



Model: CWU225

Ratio: 5, 6.3, 8, ten, 12.5, 16, 20, 25, 31.5, forty, fifty, sixty three(could be changed according to customer).
Input velocity(rpm): 750, one thousand, 1500(could be transformed in accordance to consumer)
Enter electricity(kW): 3.5-189
Heart distance(mm): a hundred and forty

Worm gears are right angle drives that give massive gear ratios with reasonably brief middle-to-heart distances from 1/4″ to eleven”. When correctly mounted and lubricated, they provide as the quietest, smoothest-working equipment variety. Since worm equipment drives can obtain large gear ratios, optimum reduction can be attained in a smaller room than many other kinds of gear drives. The worm and worm gear operate at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.

China Good quality Ccw Series Double Stages Hollow Flank Worm Reducer Cwu225     Standard