Merchandise Description

YY IEC Standard Asynchronous Mini Body Size 50~90mm AC Motor Section One for foods plant little machine equipment

Extensively utilized in health-related apparatus, foods urgent and little machine resources.

Characteristics: Out-standing overall performance of commencing and procedure, low sounds, compact dimensions and smooth running.

Common Description

  • Body measurements: fifty to 90              
  • Rated output: .04 to 2.2kW
  • Voltage: 220V                          
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Obligation Cycle: S1                         
  • Insulation course: B
  • Quantity of poles: 2,4  

Circumstance For Use
 The altitude not exceeds 1000m over sea amount. The ambient temperature shall be no higher than 40ºC and no lower than -15ºC.


Frame IMB3 IMB14  IMB34 IMB5  IMB35 IMB3
A A/two B C D E F G H K M N P R S T M N P R S T AB AC Advertisement High definition L
YY50 eighty 40 sixty three 32 nine twenty three seven.2 fifty 5.eight fifty five 40 70 M5 two.five             one hundred 110 one hundred one hundred twenty five 155
YY56 ninety 45 71 36 9 twenty three seven.two 56 5.8 65 50 eighty M5 2.five             one hundred fifteen 115 seventy eight 124 197
YY63 one hundred 50 80 forty eleven 23 four eight.five 63 7 75 60 ninety M5 2.5 115 95 one hundred forty ten three a hundred twenty five 124 a hundred twenty five 165 225
YY71 112 fifty six ninety forty five fourteen 30 5 eleven 71 seven 85 70 a hundred and five M6 two.five 130 a hundred and ten 160 ten 3.five 136 a hundred and forty 109 one hundred eighty 250
YY80 one hundred twenty five sixty two.five 100 50 19 40 6 fifteen.five 80 ten a hundred eighty 120 M8 three. 165 one hundred thirty 200 twelve 3.five one hundred sixty 165 108 188 290
YY90S one hundred forty 70 a hundred 56 24 fifty 8 twenty ninety ten 115 95 140 M8 three. a hundred sixty five a hundred thirty two hundred twelve three.5 a hundred and eighty one hundred eighty a hundred and twenty 210 315
YY90L 140 70 125 fifty six 24 50 eight 20 90 10 one hundred fifteen ninety five one hundred forty M8 three. one hundred sixty five a hundred thirty 200 12 three.5 one hundred eighty 180 one hundred twenty 210 330

The other dimensions of IMB14, IMB34 and IMB5 are the very same as these of IMB3.
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China Free Design Custom Yy IEC Standard Asynchronous Mini Frame Size 50~90mm AC Motor Phase Single for Food Plant Small Machine Tools Yy502-2 .06kw     Custom made