Product Description

UMC® is the business chief in gearbox engineering. More than our 40 12 months historical past we have released a lot of market modifying gearboxes this sort of as the patented TNT gearbox, the 740, the 760, the 775 and more. We proceed to determine and redefine sector specifications for gearbox performance, top quality, attributes and technologies. Our gearboxes are purpose constructed to do the task. Never ever in excess of-engineered.


The UMC® Common Coupler is a shock-attenuating travel relationship amongst the gearmotor and final travel gearbox. It has been the business common for numerous several years on new systems from Authentic Tools Companies. It is available in a wide variety of measurements and configurations to suit any manufacturer of middle pivots and laterals.

The UMC® Standard Coupler attributes an alignment rod that helps maintain concentric positioning below excessive hundreds. The additional sCZPT is best in heavy soils and on systems with greater-diameter tires.

Attributes and Benefits

  • Proven provider document of more than twenty five a long time
  • Developed for intense duty environments
  • Ideal for higher torque reduced speed conditions
  • Alignment rod holds insert in area and coupler in alignment below intense or unexpected masses.
  • Made for use in intense obligation environments: weighty soils Larger tire diameter Larger torque motors and much better gearboxes.
  • Designed to be the fusible url in the drive teach to prevent failure in ultimate drive gearbox or other components in problematic field circumstances
  • Urethane insert offers an environmentally secure material with far better resistance to UV rays and chemical substances
  • Grooved insert alternative converts any coupler assembly for a towable software.
  • UMC SQUEX-bolts (Square-Neck, Hex-Head) generates exclusive bolt anti-rotation characteristic that allows for more rapidly one wrench assembly in Area.
  • Large torque conditions seize and compress insert lobes as an alternative of shearing them.
  • Shock attenuating puck insert allows for softer starts off and stops
  • Best for high-torque, gradual-pace situations with severe again driving.
  • Curved strain pads compensate for out of line circumstances
  • One particular calendar year minimal guarantee.

The UMC® CX Coupler is a shock-attenuating generate link among the gearmotor and closing generate gearbox. Its design minimizes established up time for new heart pivots and laterals. Likewise, it is the perfect compliment for towable techniques because of to the potential to management disengagement at the gearbox. From the service tech’s perspective, it is a must-have resolution due to the fact this a single coupler suits all brand names of centre pivots and laterals

Attributes and Benefits

Our patented, preassembled drive link matches a 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1″ generate shafts as well as metric dimensions. It attributes three 3/8″ SQUEX bolts for simple 1 wrench set up.

  • Models appear pre-assembled
  • Saves time in the subject
  • Meets and exceeds the existing UMC coupler efficiency
  • Designed to fit all shaft measurements- regular and metric
  • UM stabilised Urethane puck
  • Effortlessly converts from Non-Towable to Towable.
  • Centering rod for keeping alignment at peak torque.
  • UMC® SQUEX- Bolts(Square Neck- Hex Head) for simple one particular wrench installation.

UMC is the industry leader in gearbox technology. Above 37 calendar year historical past they have released a lot of business modifying gearboxes this sort of as the patented TNT gearbox, the 740, the 760, the 775 and much more. UMC proceed to determine and redefine sector specifications for gearbox performance, high quality, features and technologies. UMC gearboxes are objective developed to do the occupation. In no way more than-engineered.UMC stands powering its merchandise and is dedicated to producing the ideal items for a international industry.


Worm gears are proper angle drives that supply huge gear ratios with fairly quick center-to-centre distances from 1/4″ to eleven”. When correctly installed and lubricated, they provide as the quietest, smoothest-running gear sort. Due to the fact worm gear drives can achieve higher equipment ratios, maximum reduction can be achieved in a smaller room than several other sorts of equipment drives. The worm and worm equipment operate at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.

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