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China Made Beer cHangZhou Device with large good quality

Beer cHangZhou device, aluminum can
This Beer cHangZhou Device cHangZhou-seaming 2-in-1unit is used to produce aluminum canned beer. It can finish all the procedure this kind of as beer cHangZhou and sealing, it can decrease the materials and Outsiders contact time, improve the sCZPT situations, manufacturing ability and financial efficiency. It truly is design brings together with the actual circumstance in our region following the introduction and absorption from foreign created engineering.
It adopts isobaric filling basic principle and filling valve adopts high precision mechanical valve. It has benefits of quick filling speed, higher precision in liquid degree and make certain that it only begins to filling when there is a can, or else it will end. Utilizing the system structure of filling valve precover device plus supporting can bottom unit, it can assure the greatest steadiness of cans when they passing in and out. Filling cylinder braces use worm-equipment box going up and down to fulfill cans of diverse peak. Float switches in the filling cylinder make certain a sleek liquid inlet point out.

The major transmission adopts equipment transmission belt and equipment box sort exposed travel combination with advantages of increased efficiency, decrease noise and smoother procedure. It adopts frequency conversion stable pace regulation and is controlled by PLC industrial computer systems. SCZPT device and filling equipment are connected by hooks coupling common coupling to make certain they’re at identical functioning tempo. Host undertake innovative PLC automated management engineering, the important electrical parts from CZPT organization these kinds of as Japan’s Mitsubishi, France Schneider, OMRON or ABB.

Whole procedure:
Beer brewery–beer cHangZhou–can seaming–pasteurizing tunnel–can dryer–day printer–carton packing machine/shrink wraping equipment.


Model BCGF8-three BCGF12-4 BCGF18-6 BCGF24-eight BCGF32-10 BCGF40-twelve
1500CPH 3000CPH 4500CPH 6000CPH 9500CPH 11000CPH

one) Adopted Germany tech anti-corrosion non-maintaining bearing that can lessen the pollution of filling to the surroundings. 
2) The force mechanical valve is introduced the advanced foreign design and style with a fast filling speed, no cleanliness corner pocket, a few sCZPT elements, and specific liquid level manage. The total valve is made of 304 stainless steel. 
four) The filling system can link a CIP circulation system to clean the pipeline. This method can clean the liquid pipe, liquid tank and filling valve and so on. Properly. 
5) This filling system has an computerized temperature handle program. 
six) The filling valve opens and starts filling when it moves down and touches the bottleneck, the filling valve move up and go away the bottleneck when it finishes filling. 
7) The liquid source adopts the automatic pneumatic valve magnetic liquid-degree switch to handle the liquid tank immediately. 
8) The enthusiasm of the filler is derived from the driven system in the framework and passed by equipment.  

Ep’s solution variety only includes bronze worm gears. The reason is easy, bronze assures the greatest sliding and dry running homes in comparison to other resources. The aluminium content material also guarantees high chemical resistance. Worm gears are excellent for ongoing operation at higher speed and torque.

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