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Carbonated Drinks Drinking water Beverage Bottle Filling Machine

Standard Description
DXGF sequence is special for carbonated delicate drinks, soda h2o, vitality beverages filling, mixed with rinsing, filling and capping. It is innovated and developed in the requirement of carbonated CZPT technics, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced techCZPT overseas. It is reasonable in framework, risk-free to operate and easy to maintain, which is an perfect option for CZPT producers.
1.      Compact structured, very good-looking, effortless to operate and hugely automatic.
two.      Air conveyor is immediately linked with infeed starwheels, creating it less complicated to alter bottles CZPT screws and conveyor chains.
three.      Bottles are conveyed with neck blocked. Bottles can be modified via some substitute of guiding sheets, starwheels of nylon rather of peak adjustment of machine.
four.      Rinser-clamp of specific design and style is robust and endurable, CZPT make contact with with worms at bottle-mouth, to avert bi-pollution.
5.      Highly successful sCZPT nozzles equipped on the rinser-clamp can rinse each side of internal bottle and help save h2o.
six.      Parts with speak to with materials are all produced of stainless metal of meals-quality, no dead angles and straightforward to clean up.
7.      Feed-in volume is controlled to make certain exact filling.
8.      Valve on-off system is driven by pneumatic cylinder, which starts on bottle indicators.
9.      High-velocity and very exact filling valves make certain no decline of liquid at high speed.
ten.    Bottles are stored with necks blocking when going up and down by elevator-cylinder, which implement to slender bottles with equal drive rather of spring problem.
11.    Equipped with CIP thoroughly clean-in-place.
twelve.    Bottle help-sheet in infeed starwheels goes down by means of screw. Bottles can be transformed CZPT adjustment of top of conveyor chain.
13.    Capping heads are magnetic continuous-torque outfitted to guarantee capping good quality with no hurt.
fourteen.    Highly successful cap sorting and feed in method is protecting for feed in and cap absence.
fifteen.    Equipped with overload technique to safeguard device and operators.
Functioning Treatment:
Bottles are fed from air conveyor into the filling machine monoblock through starwheel. Bottle clamp mounted on the rotary wheel of the rinser will grip bottle mouth and make a 180º turn along a guide track to face the bottle mouth downward. In specified area of the rinser, rinsing water will jet out from special nozzles to flush bottle inside wall. Following rinsing and dripping, bottles gripped by bottle clamp will make an additional 180º change alongside a guide monitor to resume bottle neck experiencing up position. Cleanse bottles are discharged out of the rinser by a starwheel to feed the filler. Following entering the filler, bottles are retained by bell include at the mouth, which are actuated by elevating cylinder to raise them to interact with filling valves, and bell-cover is also raise up at the exact same time. Filling valves are opened by bottle existence signals. Soon after ending filling, valves are shut by valve closing system to more cease venting to full the filling method. Bottle CZPT system is lowered by a cam to disengage crammed bottles with filling valves. Then bottles are transferred into the capper by a neck dealing with starwheel. Anti-rotation blades on capping heads will sCZPT the bottle neck to avoid it from rotation and keep it in an upright position. The screw capping head will make revolving and rotating motion together with the equipment to end the total capping process of cap selecting, positioning, twisting and disengaging below the management of a cam. A discharge starwheel discharges completed bottles onto discharge conveyor belt to be conveyed out of the filling monoblock.
Tools Composition
Bottle infeed
l  Bottle infeed by mix of air conveyor and infeed starwheel.
l  Equipped with bottle jam protection gadget.
two.      Rinser
l  The rotary wheel is a fully stainless steel welded structure.
l  The device applies exclusive overturning bottle clamp, which is an innovation of our firm. This bottle clamp grips bottle at neck placement, staying away from bottle mouth thread contamination brought on by rubber gripper block of a traditional bottle clamp. Manufactured of SUS304 stainless metal, this bottle clamp is hygienic and sturdy.
l  The substantial efficiency atomizing spay nozzle mounted on bottle clamp is able of cleaning any part of bottle internal wall, and also will save rinsing water.
l  All sliding bushes of lifting device use Igus (Germany) anti-corrosion upkeep cost-free bearing.
l  The rinser is pushed by driving method positioned within device body via equipment transmission.
l  Transfer starwheel
l  Made of stainless steel of excellent high quality.
l  Equipped with bottle jam defense system.
Transfer Starwheel
The materials is tremendous-corrosion stainless steel ,the wheel has block bottle safeguard gadget.
four.      Filler
l  Rotary wheel completely created of stainless metal SUS 304.
l  Isobaric filling approach.
l  Filling valves are made of SUS316L.
l  Filling valves are moderately structured with correct filling.
l  Bottles go up and down by pneumatic cylinders and cams, to method filling with get in touch with to bottle-mouth.
l  Level of cylinder is controlled with float-ball.
l  Filler is driven by means of gears inside of the device frame.
l  Link-wheels in rinser, filler and capper are transported in ringed support of bottle-neck.
five.      Capper
Capper is the equipment with greatest precision, influence extremely significantly with the stability and dependability of the filling monoblock. Our capper features as follows:
l  The products is created with the support of professionals from college of engineering and mechanical in ZheJiang Jiao Tong University, and uses the techCZPT of Arol from Italy, most advance techCZPT in the planet, produced with the encounter of asepsis filling machine. For case in point, I) extruding wheel (primary part to manage the steadiness when sealing), uses the techCZPT of Arol. Kinematical and kinetic style of the wheel by experts increases the steadiness and believability of the products. II) SCZPT faucet (principal portion to control the credibility of sealing), is improved by authorities with the design and style of alnico. In addition to the magnetic contortion variation system, there is variation dial which tends to make variation much more effortlessly. The reward of this design and style is not only it can set the contortion, but also it helps make contortion a lot more precise and credible, and reduces inferior.
l  Cap distributing chute is geared up with reverse cap end and reverse cap select-out system.
l  Cap distributing chute is equipped with a photocell switch to end the capper when there is no cap within the chute.
l  The capper is geared up with inlet bottle detection swap.
l  Centrifugal way of cap arranging is adopted to lessen damage of caps.
l  A cap inspecting technique is used to management on-off of elevator.
6.      Discharge Starwheel
l  Nylon starwheel and conveyor belt function together to discharge bottles.
l  Equipped with bottle jam protection device.
7.      Discharge Conveyor
l  Driving motor is frequency inverted to synchronize with the filling line to avoid bottles from falling.
l  Discharge conveyor is geared up with photocell swap to slow down and cease filling line in circumstance of fallen bottles.
8.      Machine Frame
l  The equipment body is a welded framework of higher high quality carbon metal with the surface anti-rust taken care of and coated. The device body is wrapped with stainless steel sheet.
l  Driving method of the 3-in-1 Unit is positioned beneath the machine table. A single major motor provides driving electrical power by means of gear transmission.
l  The equipment transmission technique is an interleaved arrangement of steel gears and nylon gears.
l  The output shaft of the main motor is equipped overload protection to protected machine security.
9.      Electrical management system
The electrical cupboard is created of stainless metal. From bottle infeed to bottle discharge, a PLC controls the entirely automatic procedure of the 3-in-1 Unit.
Principal Configuration
l  Material of filling valve: Stainless steel 316L
l  Material of rotary tray and device platform of rinser and filler: Stainless metal 304
l  Main motor: ABB
l  Sliding bearing: Igus
l  Frequency inverter: Mitsubishi
l  Touch monitor: Pro-experience
l  PLC: Mitsubishi
l  Pneumatic parts: Festo
l  Seals: Busak+Shamban
l  Photocell swap: Banner
l  Proximity switch: Turck
Technical Parameter 
Design: DXGF24-32-six
l  Working station: rinsing 24, filling 32, capping 6
l  Rated ability: 9,000BPH (500ml)
l  Aseptic water rinsing pressure: .2-.25Mpa
l  Consumption of rinsing h2o: 1.8t/ hr
l  Compressed air stress: .7Mpa
l  Air consumption: .8m3/ min
l  Suitable bottle dimension: diameter Φ50~Φ105, top 150~310mm
l  Filling method: isobaric filling
l  Filling temperature: ≤5°C
l  Main motor energy: 3KW
l  Total electricity: 5.2KW
l  Overall dimension: 2900×2580×2650mm (L × W × H)
l  Weight: 4,800Kg

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