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Meals grade Soybeans Washing Equipment 304 Stainless Steel 

Quick introduction 
This device is the ideal gear for washing rice,beans and other particle grain, is mostly employed in the eating room, the snack bar, foods processing factory and other enterprises and establishments to clean the rice and other partical grain. 
Soon after connecting the water resource, begin the energy source, change the stress of discharging the stone, set the rice into the bucket, after the separator mixture, beneath the action of diverse force of h2o, stone, mud and other hard impurities from the sand separatorFurfurfurs, rice worms and other sundries are discharged from the flotation separatorThe washed rice falls into the rice basket through the tube to end the washing of the rice.

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Installation and debugging
1 spot the machine on the horizontal ground to make sure sleek operation of the machine.The tee pipe on the drinking water saver is related with the water inlet of the pump with a movable knot, and the tee pipe inlet is linked with the rubber pipe of the faucet water pipe.
two check out regardless of whether the electricity provide voltage is constant with the working voltage of the equipment.Stretch the power twine, floor the yellow-eco-friendly main with the earthing symbol reliably, and link the remaining a few core wires (two with single-stage motor) to the outlet terminal when the swap disconnects.For safety, the electricity change Employs an air change.
three open up the h2o source valve and close the electricity change when the water economizer is total of h2o. The equipment can be analyzed only when there is no abnormal sound.

Use and operation
one first open up the water supply valve, make the management valve handle in the doing work situation of the ball valve, hold up the sewage pipe, and near the energy switch when the h2o saver is complete of waterNormal functioning h2o pressure .23 — .28mpa, discharge pressure .08 — .10mpa.
two set the rice basket on the h2o economizer, place the float monitor and sand screen separately, shut the electricity swap, and stage the meter tube at the bucket. When the water in the float separator is total of overflow, flip the meter tube at the basket and pour the rice into the bucket.The rice washing machine operates continually to remove the sand and gravel from the drain pipe, and the floating objects such as rice bran will movement into the floating display instantly, and the grain will movement into the basket from the discharging tube.
three when turning off the device, initial change the management valve manage to the sewage discharge situation, then turn off the water and power soon after putting down the sewage pipe to remove the accumulated water in the device.

Technological Parameters 

Model  ASL-HB500
Capacity  500kg/hour
Wake strain .23-.28 MPa
Break up stone pressure .08-.10 MPa
Split stone tube diameter 11mm
Water usage .0065M3/ kg
Weight 88kg
Dimensions 1100*1000*820mm



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Safety PROVISIONS: Worm drives must not be utilized as a locking system to secure weighty objects, which may lead to damage or injuries in the course of reverse action. In non-perhaps dangerous applications, self-locking is needed to avoid reverse rotation, and then a lower-pitch solitary-threaded worm is utilised to automatically lock the worm equipment to stop reverse rotation.

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