Merchandise Description

Computerized Higher-Pace H2o Ink 2 Hues Flexographic Printer Computer Slotter Machine 
Carton Printing Flexo 2 Colours Slotting Device with Stacker

Feeder Unit  
Lead-edge Feeding Method

  • Guide-edge suction feeding system, easy procedure, large accuracy,(adopts lead feeder system).
  • Substantial pressure centrifugal supporters, accordingto the cardboard warping degree of frequency control pressure, to m ensure warp cardboard or skinny cardboard higher-speed accurate transmission.
  • Remaining and right side baffle position electrically adjustable, screw-pushed.and can remCZPT by laptop.
  • Front baffle adjust the position of the upper and lower intervals synchronization by manual.
  • Skip-feeding devices, could select skip-feeding in accordance to wants. To ensure that huge-scale cardboard can also be processed.
  • Install 7″ touch screen, could automatically display the production quantity, production speed, and set the production quantity and each and every running.
  • Slotting part is equipped with the interlock switch, to achieve the emergency stop, stop feeding or feeding.

Machine Separation & Mixture

  • Button switches electrically control the separation and combination of machine, with automatic alarm gadget, continuously alarm whilst transferring, to ensure safety of operators.
  • Air pressure interlocks, lock securely, conveniently and accurately.
  • Machine clutch drive shaft is equipped with overload defense system.
  • Active self-locking perform: if unit is not completely locking state, the host can’t start, to ensure the safety of machine and operator while host normal working circumstances, the unit clutch function is automatically lock, to avoid machine misuse and personal harm.

Dust-removing Technique

  • Undertake brush cleaning device, outfitted with strong Adverse strain suction enthusiast, clearing the dust, paper scrap or other squander, to boost printing top quality.

Feeding Roller: double Feeding Roller

  • Higher feeding roll adopts outer diameter φ165mm rubber roller, elastic buffer put on rubber (inside soft, outside hard), dynamic balance correction, to ensure smooth and exact feeding.
  • Lower feeding roller adopts embossed rollers, hard chrome-plated, use and easy.
  • According to cardboard thickness, adopt worm equipment box gap tuning, with locking system. Adjustment variety -12mm


Printer Device

Printing Roller

  • With printing plate
  • High high quality metal manufacturing, surface grinded, difficult chromium-plated. Static harmony adjustment, steady procedure, suited for substantial speed operating
  • Roller horizontal route and circumferential route with datum line, handy for align plate
  • Fixed coil axis, appropriate for regular hanging slats, comprehend quick adjust plate
  • Electrical 360° adjust printing roller, automated digital display adjustment, remCZPT store digital.
  • Put in with foot change to control plate roller reversing, convenient change plate.
  • Auto-zero operate,purchase memory.
  • Printing roller plate-modify and fix-plate perform.
  • Printing roll axial is altered remaining and appropriate by handbook,maximum movement remaining and correct 10mm,car-zero instruction.

Pressing Roller

  • Undertake higher good quality seamless delicately processing, dynamic equilibrium adjustment, steady operation
  • Floor grinded, difficult chromium-plated
  • Equipment adopt backlash adjustment system, adjustment none-influence gear enunciation, guarantee transmission precision
  • Printing roller can be altered for a distance -12mm
  • pressing roller, feeding shaft can be adjusted by guide , and loose and restricted the roller also by manual.

Anilox Roller

  • Anilox roller, manufacturer HAILI

Rubber Roller

  • Rubber roller adopts ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis.g.
  • Overrunning clutch and automated idling device, to stop the ink dried
  • Rubber roller drum type center element increased, to make certain ink good quality
  • Quick spaced spinner self-locking device, makes certain uniform ink
  • Ink distributing roller independent generate system, make certain ink high quality

Feeding Roller

  • Feeding roller four wheels feeding
  • Feeding roller equipment adopts no-aspect-gap regulating system, can adjust the interval of 12mm
  • Hand adjustable rapid clearance adjustment self-locking system, fast, dependable.

Ink Method

  • Pneumatic diaphragm pump, basic operation, handy maintenance, offer security
  • Circulating pneumatic ink
  • Screen for filtering impurities, guarantee printing top quality

Period Alter Method

  • Planetary gear construction
  • Digital laptop 360 ° adjustment, equally working and halting point out conditions
  • Printing stage adjustment of PLC computer screen adjustment
  • Following units different, automatic reset system (eraser memory)

Section Correct Program

  • Pneumatic brake gadget, Device separation and mix or period adjustment, first point of transmission gear with consistent

Zero System

  • Auto-zero device, to ensure that the units have a uniform adjusted foundation, reducing cardboard waste,version memory function.


Computer Slotter Device


  • One-axle double-knife slotter, use Internal tooth composition adjustment the top of box, So that oil does not simply contaminated cartons
  • The 1st strain line spherical, following pre-loading cardboard not very easily crush
  • The over press spherical Urethane physical appearance package, will not injury the cardboard
  • The slotter knife stock use traverse system, screw with linear manual, to move more flexible and specific
  • Slotting phase and box peak, pc and electric powered digital handle
  • Preload, creasing gap adjustment undertake pc and electrical digital management
  • The slotter knife inventory hole adjustment adopt self-locking construction
  • There is the elastic corner-cutting knife. Can reduce three, 5, cardboard CZPT modified.
  • Preload wheel, creas wheel, slot knife traverse place personal computer and electrical electronic control.
  • The slotter knife adopt Anti-knife method.
  • Computer automated prepare knife, can stockpile 999 memories.

     Primary Technical Parameters

Wall board thickness 50 mm
 Max Device Speed (pcs/min) one hundred fifty
 Economic Functioning Pace (pcs/min) 120
 Max. Feeding Dimension (mm) 1200×2400
Min. Feeding Size (mm) 350×600
 Max. Printing Dimensions (mm) 1200X2200
Normal Plate Thickness (mm) three.9
Max slotter depth (mm) 300
Print precision (mm) ±0.three
Slot precision (mm) ±1.
Suited Cardboard Thickness (mm) two – eleven
EXW Manufacturing unit Price tag USD
PAYMENT 30% T/T IN Advance AND BELANCE Before Shipping and delivery
Manufacturing TIME ninety Days Soon after PAYMENT


Worm gears are right angle drives that supply big gear ratios with comparatively brief middle-to-heart distances from 1/4″ to 11″. When correctly installed and lubricated, they provide as the quietest, smoothest-running gear kind. Since worm equipment drives can accomplish substantial equipment ratios, highest reduction can be attained in a smaller sized area than numerous other varieties of gear drives. The worm and worm equipment operate at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.

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