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Brief Introduction to Shredder:
The shredder is a commonly used machine for tearing massive substance to small pieces, which make them easy for following phase to transportation or recycling. It is made up of solitary shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, four shaft shredder, horizontal big pipe shredder, scaled-down pipe crusher….
Plastic Shredder machine is an perfect equipment for plastic, paper, wooden, fiber, rubber, organic squander a broad variety of non metallic supplies. The dimension of the equipment required for each and every project depends on the first size of the content, capacity and the final particle measurement preferred.
The shredder sequence assortment is managed by microcomputer, featuring start, end, reverse functions. It is equipped with an computerized overload return system to stop harm to rotor and other parts. It operates at substantial torque, minimal pace, with low noise output, suited for recycling a broad range of supplies.

one. Solitary Shaft Shredder 
The solitary shaft shredder is mostly utilized for huge block objects, such as die head material, thick wall pipes, and also can be used for film roller, paper and fibers, etc….
Principal figures:
1. The blades and blades rack of solitary shaft shredder can be demounted on the rotating shaft. It is easy to obvious, modify and routine maintenance.
2. The rotating blades of one shaft shredder are fixed on the shaft by V shape. It is excellent for shredding the materials evenly which can make the vitality intake is reduced and sound is quite tiny.
3. Each and every rotating blade of one shaft shredder has 4 chopping edges, soon after a single chopping edge is worn out, it can be altered to other kinds. And also with exact same style to the fastened blade, which has two chopping edges, also when one slicing edge is worn out, it can be adjust to the other 1.
four. The shaft of one shaft shredder is driven by motor by means of the equipment box, it operates secure, minimal sound, substantial torque.
five. The materials is pushed by hydraulic pusher of solitary shaft shredder automatically. It performs robust and steady.
6. The electric method of one shaft shredder is controlled by PLC, which make the shaft can rotate in optimistic route, reversal path and quit, then to safeguard the equipment operating safely.


Product Major electrical power Pushing electrical power Qty rotating blades Qty
fastened blades
Shaft rotating diameter Ability
Excess weight
TSS600 22kw one.5kw 28 2 φ252mm 200~400 1800x1200x1800 2000
TSS800 37kw two.2kw 38 2 φ400mm 500~800 2700x1700x2000 3200
TSS1000 45kw two.2kw 48 three φ400mm seven-hundred~a thousand 2800x2000x2300 4300
TSS1200 55kw three.7kw 78 three φ430mm one thousand~1500 2950x2200x2500 5500
TSS1500 90kw three.7kw 102 4 φ480mm 1300~1800 3100x2550x2700 7800
TSS2000 55kw*2 five.5kw 177 4 φ480mm 1800~2500 3300x3050x2800 9500

two. Double Shaft Shredder
The double shaft shredder is mainly utilised for difficult substance, this sort of as barrel, basket, panel substance, wooden, auto tires and even large bale movie etc…..
Primary people:
1. The shredding cupboard of double shaft shredder is produced of particular thickness steel panel with precision machining. It is set by huge angle hexagonal bolts and with powerful inlet hopper. All these is to make sure the big and heavy substance can be place right into the shredding cabinets
two. The rotating blades of double shaft shredder are with special developed to the thickness, shape and arranging series which make certain it is strong chopping ability, sharpening chopping edge and then make it working large efficiently.
3. Reduced speed operating, reduced sound and significantly less powder flying of double shaft shredder.
4. The blades of double shaft shredder are created of specific alloy steel, robust and extended time operating.
5. The electrical method of double shaft shredder is controlled by PLC, which make the shaft can rotate in optimistic path, reversal route and cease, then to protect the machines working safely and securely.


Design Motor electricity(KW) Qty of  blades Dimension of shredding chamber Capacity (kg/h)
TDS600 15 12 600*550 mm three hundred~800
TDS800 37 sixteen 800*600 mm five hundred~1500
TDS1000 30×2 20 1000*seven-hundred mm a thousand~2000
TDS1200 37×2 24 1200*800 mm 1500~2500
TDS1500 45kw×2 22 1600*900 mm 2000~3000


three. Double one-shaft shredder/plastic film shredder 

Particular for PE PP film, agriculture film, PE PP bags, movie roller, package deal movie, wrap film, LD Hd film, BOPP movie…
Principal characters:
one. Special designed double shaft shredder for delicate content.
2. The blades and blades rack can be demounted on the rotating shaft. It is easy to very clear, alter and routine maintenance.
three. The rotating blades of movie shredder are mounted on the shaft by V form. It is very good for shredding the material evenly which can make the energy intake is low and sound is really small.
four. Each rotating blade of one shaft shredder has 4 reducing edges, following a single chopping edge is worn out, it can be changed to other types. And also with exact same design to the mounted blade, which has two reducing edges, also when one cutting edge is worn out, it can be alter to the other a single.
5. The shaft of film shredder is pushed by motor by way of the equipment box, it operates secure, reduced sound, higher torque.
six. The electric system of movie shredder is controlled by PLC, which make the shaft can rotate in optimistic route, reversal route and quit, then to defend the devices running safely and securely.


Design Motor electricity(KW) Qty of  blades Diameter of shaft Capacity (kg/h)
TFS600 eighteen.5×2 54 ø255 mm five hundred~650
TFS800 22×2 eighty two ø255 mm 750~900
TFS1000 30×2 one hundred ø300 mm 900~1100
TFS1200 37×2 122 ø300 mm 1200~1500
TFS1500 45kw×2 158 ø320 mm 1600~2000

four. Four Shaft Shredder 
1. Bucket goods: PE bucket, steel drum, paint bucket, intermediate -bulk container (IBC) and dustbin
2.  Wastes: home squander, health-related waste, kitchen squander, industrial waste, park waste
three. Plastic merchandise: PE bottle, PE body, PE block, PE can
4. Metal items: aluminum profile, oil filter, automobile shell, pop-best can, steel can
5. Paper: newspaper, card paper, corrugated paper, duplicate paper
6. Electronic appliances: refrigerator, circuit board, laptop shell, Television established shell, CD disk
7. Glass

Main characters:
Four shaft shredder is weighty-responsibility machine. They have rewards in standardization and modularization layout, large interchangeability for their components. Their blades are created of unique alloy steel with higher toughness, robust anti-dress in and reparability. The drive element normally takes gain of 4 motors, hefty world gear packing containers to make principal shafts rotate at diverse speeds. The electrical element takes edge of PLC system and contact screen manage with video keep track of system and the computerized detecting overload protection perform. They have lower rotation velocity, huge torque and minimal noise people. So they have gained customers’ believe in and acquired reputation in the shredding process in the recycle sector They match for shredding big and difficult objects this sort of as vehicle human body, reliable industrial squander ,medical squander, e-squander, PE pail, PE frame, PE bottle, metallic can, steel pail, intertexture bag, fridge, electric circuit board, paper box, wooden and so on.

5. Deal Shredder Crusher Machine 

six. Pipe Shredder/Granulator  

Get flowing method:

Customer requirements →Scheme designed →confirmed by customers →order fixed →manufacturing →trial managing in our factory →confirmed by customers →shipped →engineer available overseas →whole existence soon after product sales providers


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The primary edge of worm gears is their capability to offer large reduction ratios and correspondingly higher torque multipliers. They can also be utilised as reducers for minimal to medium velocity applications. Also, due to the fact their reduction ratio is primarily based on the quantity of enamel on the equipment, they are more compact than other varieties of gears. Like fantastic pitch leadscrews, worm gears are normally self-locking, making them excellent for hoisting and hoisting programs.

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